Upcycling: environmentally friendly leather 

Having made this alarming finding and convinced that another world was possible, we sought to make improvements and find solutions to reinvent our passion. 

The idea of "upcycling" was the answer! The principle is simple: offering a second life to the existing leather stock, by minimizing processing, limiting the consumption of resources (raw materials, water, energy, etc.) and the production of waste as much as possible. 
The objective is the creation of quality products by upgrading downgraded skins. We improve appearance and texture using innovative and energy-efficient techniques.

Committed know-how

We are offering you a selection of high-end, environmentally friendly types of leather. 

To do this, we carefully select skins in order to assess the options and identify the improvements to be made. This is followed by the re-tanning, dyeing and finishing processes to guarantee you a totally upcycled, sustainable, resistant and aesthetic product. 

We put all our expertise to work on ensuring a better use for these otherwise neglected skins.

Our ranges